Hourly Cleaning Services


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Flexible Cleaning Paired with Fair Billing

We know that hiring a cleaning service can be expensive. Often clients ask if we can “skip a couple areas” to save some money. You bet!

Our hourly cleaning options allow you to specify exactly which areas of your home you would like the maid to clean. Fully customizing your service with our hourly cleaning options allows you to pick exactly what areas you’d like to have cleaned, and what areas you would like us to avoid. Whether you are booking just once, or are looking for a recurring cleaning service, we have an hourly cleaning option that will fit your needs.

Common Tasks for Hourly Cleaning

Many of our hourly clients prefer to be billed hourly for their cleaning services for the simple fact they always know they are getting the exact amount of service they are paying for. Other hourly cleaning clients prefer to use hourly services for many different reasons, including:

  • Home organization and unpacking
  • Move In or move out cleanings where estimates are difficult to give
  • Tasks added in addition to standard checklists
  • Completely customized cleaning services
  • Partial home cleanings
  • After-party clean up crews

Tracking Hourly Cleaning Services

When you book an hourly cleaning or maid service with Elevated Cleaning Solutions, you are assured we will accurately track hours so you are billed for the correct cleaning times, every time.  Our service features the Launch27 app, an app designed specifically for the home cleaning business. Launch27 allows our cleaners to check-in and out of your cleaning appointment and show their exact GPS location.  This ensures you are billed for the exact amount of time cleaned, without overages, at each cleaning.

Managing Hourly Cleaning Services

When you book hourly cleaning services, you’d expect your time to be managed well. Elevated Cleaning is happy to handle all coordination details for you, and maintains detailed notes on each cleaning client’s preferences in their home. If you prefer, we can brief your maid on your expectations and ensure your needs are met through the use of a custom checklist.

On the other hand, some of our clients prefer to manage their maids themselves, allowing them the opportunity to walk-through the home with the maid and point out areas needing special attention or areas to be left without cleaning. We’re happy to accommodate these needs also, and can leave notes for your cleaner to check in with you upon arrival and walk-through the home with you.


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